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You deserve health insurance that gives you whole-person care — health care that meets your mental, emotional, and medical needs.

First Choice Nextâ„ , a product of Select Health of South Carolina, Inc., offers affordable health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace® in South Carolina to help you meet your needs now so you can reach whatever is next.

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All of the Health Insurance Marketplace® plans we offer have certain items or services called the essential health benefits. Our plans have different coverage and premium levels, including:

Bronze Plans

Bronze 9100 Off-Exchange Plan

Bronze 9100 Off Exchange Plan

Bronze 9100 On Exchange Plan

Bronze Zero Cost Sharing Plan

Bronze 9100 Limited Cost Sharing Plan

Expanded Bronze 7500 Off Exchange Plan

Expanded Bronze 7500 On Exchange Plan

Expanded Bronze Zero Cost Sharing Plan

Expanded Bronze 7500 Limited Cost Sharing Plan

Silver Plans

Silver 5800 Off Exchange Plan

Silver 5800 On Exchange Plan

Silver Zero Cost Sharing Plan

Silver 5800 Limited Cost Sharing Plan

Silver 5700 73% AV Plan

Silver 800 87% AV Plan

Silver 0 94% AV Plan

Gold Plans

Gold 2000 Off-Exchange Plan

Gold 2000 On-Exchange Plan

Gold Zero Cost-Sharing Plan

Gold 2000 Limited Cost-Sharing Plan

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Depending on your income level or other factors, you may be eligible for help lowering your monthly premiums. Learn more about the options available to you, including tax credits and subsidies.

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